A natural person registered as the user of the portal.

• The user must immediately notify the portal administrator of the change in his/her contact details, as well as of any circumstances which might affect the fulfillment of the obligations of the user to the portal administrator or to other users.
• The user must immediately notify the portal administrator of loss, theft or other loss of possession of a personal identity document or other means of identification.  
• The user is required to submit to the portal administrator truthful information about him/her and documentation requested (including a copy of his/her identification document) by the portal administrator for his/her identification. 

When agreeing to the general terms and conditions, the user provides the portal administrator an irrevocable authorization to require information and documents (including copies of the user's documents and data) from all credit and financial institutions that is associated with the identification of the user by such credit or financial institution.

Data provided by the user is verified by the portal administrator, inter alia, by using the so-called identification payment that the user must make to the portal administrator's bank account via a bank account which is opened on the name of the user in a credit institution operating in a contracting state of the European Economic Area or in a country that fulfills equivalent money laundering and terrorist financing prevention requirements. It is required that the data available in the payment information coincides with the data declared by the user to the portal administrator prior to making the payment. 

The user, who is identified in the manner accepted by the portal administrator, may in the future enter and use the portal by using his/her portal username and password.