Creditors and credit intermediaries operating requirements are regulated by the law for creditors and credit intermediaries in Estonia called Krediidiandjate ja -vahendajate seadus (KAVS) (Creditors and Credit Intermediaries Act) .

According to the KAVS § 4 p. 1 a creditor is an entrepreneur, whose business or professional activity is giving credit to the consumers.

The explanatory note of KAVS explains that the obligation for a license extends to the entrepreneurs, who provide credit on their business or professional activities. It means that a one-time loan transaction between a company and a third party, who is a consumer, does bring along an obligation for a financial supervision. If, however, giving a credit is the field of activity of the entrepreneur, it is necessary in accordance to KAVS and the commercial law § 4 p. 2 to have a license to act and acting without the license is forbidden.

Concerning the lending platforms it is stated in the explanatory note of KAVS that the creditor can also be a person, who does not give a loan on its business or professional activity, but rather as a single activity or for investment purpose. But in this case, the lending for a consumer can take place only through a licensed credit intermediaries, who are responsible for the implementation of operational requirements concerning lending.

Monestro portal operates with a license given to Monestro P2P OÜ as a credit intermediary.

Thus, if providing credit to a consumer is not the field of activity for the legal person (company), but rather it is one-time transaction or allocating monetary resources, a legal person (company) does not need a license to operate through the Monestro lending portal.