Important steps to start investing as a company:

1. Register a user.
1.1. Make an investor application.
1.2. Authorize your portal account with a payment.           
1.3. Wait until the application is looked through and accepted by us.

2. To start investing as  a company go to „My account“, „My companies“ and search for your company. Insert the e-mail address of the company and add company.

3. To start investing as a company first change the role from a private person to a company from the right upper corner of the screen.

4. From „My account“, „Company info and investor application“ you will find the investment application.
4.1. Fill in the required data.
4.2. Authorize your account with a payment from your company’s account.
4.3.  Wait until your application is looked through and approved.

NB! Legal person can be registered as a user only after its’ statutory representative has been personally registered as a portal user. Upon registering a legal person as a user, its’s statutory representative shall appoint authorized persons, who will have the right in the portal to make transactions and act on behalf of the legal person.

The user, who is a legal person, must notify portal administrator without delay, but not later than within five (5) days of any changes within its’s management and/or beneficial owners, and to present documents proving such changes, if required by the portal administrator. The user shall not be excused from the duty to notify the portal administrator even if such information would be available to the portal administrator also from public or other sources.

Currently investing through a company is available only for Estonian companies.