The investor may also make bids via a special automatic application Autoinvest. For this, the investor sets suitable parameters for his/her loan bids in the portal and confirms the respective settings of Autoinvest.

On the basis and within the limits of the Autoinvest settings confirmed by the investor, loan bids are generated automatically and repeatedly in the portal and these loan bids participate without the physical involvement of the investor in all auctions, which terms and conditions  comply with the Autoinvest parameters determined by the investor.

Autoinvest makes bids only if there are enough free funds on the investor's portal account for making the bids. Funds on the investor's portal account are reserved at the time of making the loan bid in the amount of the bid.

An investor may set several different Autoinvests which can simultaneously make bids also to the same auction, but only one loan bid for every different Autoinvest can participate at the same auction.

If according to Autoinvest parameters, the minimum interest rate required by the investor is lower when compared to the minimum interest rate set by the portal administrator on the basis of the risk level of the loan application, the loan bid on the basis of the Autoinvest is made with the minimum interest rate set for  this auction.

At the beginning of every auction, the loan bids made on the basis of Autoinvests with equal interest rates are ranked and on the basis of the ranking the sum of each investor’s participation in the loan agreement that is going to be concluded at the auction is determined. The highest rank is assigned to the loan bid that was made on the basis of the Autoinvest that has been the longest without the investment, and the lowest rank is assigned to the loan bid made on the basis of the Autoinvest that has been without the investment the least. If no investment has been made on the basis of some Autoinvest, for ranking purposes, the time of the last investment is the time of activation of the Autoinvest. If on the basis of the time of investment, loan bids of several Autoinvests are ranked equally, the better ranking is assigned to the loan bid of such Autoinvest in which the permitted vacant balance of investments is bigger.

Loan bids of Autoinvests that have equal interest rates are the recognized winners of the auction in the internal competition with an interval of ten (10) euros. The division is repeated until the loan amount of the auction is reached or until the limits of all Autoinvests participating in the same division round are reached. Every following division round leaves out the bids in which the offered loan amount or the underlying Autoinvest limits are met or would be exceeded after the new division round.

Loan amounts assigned to each loan bids in division rounds are aggregated and they form the loan amount to be invested by every specific investor to the loan agreement to be concluded as a result of the auction.

If as a result of division rounds the maximum limits of all Autoinvests in the division queue are reached, but it is not enough for filling the full loan amount at the auction, the determination of auction winners continues with regard to the missing loan amount in the normal procedure in accordance with the interest rates of the loan bids submitted to the auction.