A subjective assessment of the portal administrator of the borrower's predicted payment behavior and risk level for the lender.

Credit score next to the loan application is automatically calculated rating by the portal administrator to evaluate the risk involved in investing to a specific loan application – higher rating means higher risk. Rating calculation formula uses the loan parameters (loan duration, monthly payment etc.), data from the loan application (income, obligations etc.), other sources of data collected about the customer (credit information, official announcements etc.) and customer's payment behavior in the portal so far as an input. Calculation model of the rating is created using different financial data statistical analysis and expert opinion. Credit score supplied by the portal should be interpreted as an expected average loss rate on loans with a similar profile and it can be used in assessing the expected average return rate: "expected return" = "interest rate" - "expected loss”.

A credit score is theoretically on a scale 0-100%. In the portal the possible range is approximately 6-45%.