Make an application

In making application make sure You give an accurate data. It is advisable that You check twice the income and liabilities data You have input to avoid application rejecting at the later stage. Giving wrong data is a felony and may be interpreted as intentional misleading to get financial gain or benefit. Data will be verified. You can stop and continue filling in data at any time.

Monestro does data systematization

Monestro analyzes data and provides additional available info in systematized way to investors. If some checked data is controversial the application is sent back to the applicant.

Investors make bids

Loans are placed to the auction, where investors make bids on loans ensuring the real market conditions to given risk profiles. Investors can ask additional questions from borrowers to make sure the risk is acceptable for them. Investors may also configure automated bidding tool "Autoinvest" to help to save time and to diversify better their portfolios.

The loan is paid out

After the auction closes successfully the loan is paid out instantly to the borrower's account in Monestro and the borrower can start using the money.